Rendering Fat

In the absence of butter or cooking oil you can easily render fat from an animal to use for cooking. Animal fats have a medium-high smoking point making them great for many cooking methods like frying or sautéing. Wild game like duck and geese have an abundance of natural fats that, when rendered, make a delicious way to transfer heat… Read more →

Salad in a jar

This time of the season you can still make great tasting, locally grown food. When stored properly, the vast availability of close to home grown produce will amaze you. Eating what is available from the area in which you live and with the season is one way to connect with the land. It is also a great way to support… Read more →

I Can Mash-Potato… and do the Twist

Making good mashed potatoes, a seemingly simple preparation, can be tricky. As with any preparation, using accessible real ingredients is what makes great food. The cook’s job is to respect the ingredients and help them taste as amazing as nature intended. The best mashed potatoes I have ever made were admittedly more of a suspension of potato in butter and… Read more →

Savory Pie

Meat pies have a long and storied past. They can be traced back to the Neolithic period of ancient Egypt. In Medieval times they were made with thick, nearly inedible crusts that were used as the baking vessel. Today we get to indulge in buttery, flaky crusts set in conveniently modern pie plates. In its simplest form, a savory pie… Read more →

Easy Dried Meat

I have stated previously that having trendy, name brand equipment in your kitchen does not make you a great cook. Home kitchens usually end up with a lot of useless equipment that you rarely put to task, let alone need. One piece of equipment that I’ve seen getting some attention lately are dehydrators. I have been hoping to get my… Read more →

Comforting Cabbage

I have fond memories of my Baba (grandmother in Ukrainian) preparing many different meals featuring cabbage. One that stands out in my memory – aside from all the borsht she would make me eat – is boiled meat with boiled cabbage. Cabbage is a staple ingredient in Ukrainian food beyond its use in cabbage rolls. It is a common food… Read more →

Save the Skin

Keeping the skin on the squash was, until recently, something I never, ever did. Preparing squash without peeling did not occur to me until I helped prepare a three sisters soup in late August of this year. Since then, I have been experimenting with different squashes and how keeping their skin on affects the different dishes I’ve been serving. There… Read more →

Season as you or go pound SALT!

Whenever I am in a position to share my cooking knowledge with people one thing that often comes up is the use of salt. I get the regular comments from people saying “WOAH that’s a lot of salt. Other comments I receive poke fun at how restaurant cooks use too much salt. My girlfriend, who claims to be salt sensitive,… Read more →

Get outta bed oats!

When I’m feeling down and out, a good meal has the power to lift my spirits. Good food made with love is a precious gift that can be easily taken for granted. Made with a good mind, it is medicine for the mind, body and soul. This past weekend I was feeling pretty down due to the untimely death of… Read more →

Growing with Garlic

Planting garlic this fall represents an important milestone in my journey to reconnect with the land and those I’m sharing the journey with. Garlic was the first crop we built garden beds and prepared the field for. We barely got all of it the ground before the ground froze with the first big snowfall. In learning from our first garlic… Read more →