Tasty Meat

As the weather continues to warm up folks looking to escape hot home kitchens, increasingly cook food outdoors. There are many ways to do this, most commonly used is a radiant grill. There are many books written on the subject that I feel complicate and confuse more than necessary. I was asked recently about what I would use to marinate… Read more →

Awesome Asparagus

Last weekend marked the beginning of the season for the Our Sustenance Farmers Market at 2676 Fourth Line. I will be at the market again this year demonstrating how to use the seasonal vegetables in delicious ways. When preparing food in a humble way I take great care to make sure the ingredient I am trying to showcase is not… Read more →

Fleeting Fiddleheads

Fiddleheads are young ostrich ferns that show up in wet areas in early to mid-spring. The season usually lasts for a couple weeks. One day can be the difference between a young tightly curled fiddlehead and an unraveled fully grown frond. They are a wonderfully delicious gift of spring full of antioxidants, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, iron and… Read more →

Dandy Dandelions

I, admittedly, do not know much about wild edibles. I am simply fascinated by the plethora of things growing either wild or left to go wild that can be put to use in the kitchen. Since I started putting a concerted effort towards learning about this way to look at food, I have developed a better understanding and appreciation for… Read more →

Garlic Mustard

Garlic mustard was, like the dandelion brought over by European settlers and planted for medicinal applications. Over time it has come to be considered to be an invasive species because it displaces indigenous wild flowers and other natural growth. The easiest way to keep this wild edible under control is to harvest it. As a member of the brassica family… Read more →

Practice Patience

I am not always a patient person; my anxiety sometimes gets the best of me. That is why I challenge myself by baking bread and fermenting vegetables. In order to get the desired result I need to be mindful of what I’m doing and wait to let things do what they need to do. The more I grow vegetables the… Read more →


The weather is starting to finally feel like spring. One sure sign is when the chickens start to lay their eggs after taking it easy in the winter. Living on a farm I got used to having fresh eggs daily, something I dearly miss. Fortunately there are several farmers producing eggs nearby. I was elated when I got a call… Read more →

Seeds of Sustenance

Part of getting ready for spring planting is taking the time to appreciate our seeds. They provide the gift of life through their own growth and the sustenance we need to thrive. Between the seeds and the hand that sows them is a reciprocal relationship. Growers put good intentions and minds towards providing the optimal circumstances for seeds to mature… Read more →

Simply Sustenance

Last week’s dinner marked the end of the first installment of the Healthy Roots challenge. It was a pleasure to work with Family Traditions on the event. Over the past eight months I have had the joy of working alongside an extraordinary grandmother with an incredible passion for cooking and feeding people. Her love and dedication to her family and… Read more →

Trying to find balance

We are currently in the lull between winter and the first vegetables of spring. As the land wakes up after a long rest it can be hard to find inspiration in what remains of winter vegetables. I do however suddenly acquire a sweet tooth and crave maple syrup on everything. I am thankful for the incredible nourishment and sweetness mother… Read more →